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Why Custom Software is a Must for Logistics and Transportation Companies Antares Technology Solutions

Buyers can submit e-RFx, electronic requests for x (quotes, proposals and other information), to potential vendors to gather data for making informed purchases. Get in touch with Orases for expert guidance on custom software development strategies. Orases redesigned the Dairy Farmers of America website and all its brands, creating a responsive and informative site.

custom transportation software

Better safety and security of shipments can be achieved by using digital transportation management tools. Transportation management application development creates a safe environment that reduces the risk of damage, loss, and theft. Fleet management can make it easier to manage inventory for you, be it parts needed for fleet maintenance or products being delivered.

Titanwinds TMS Packages

The benefits are hard to ignore, and the barrier to entry is low compared to other technological solutions. Implementing ready-made software has both strengths and limitations depending on your needs. On-premises TMS solutions, for example, are run locally on your server hardware. They are super secure and functional, but they’re not optimal for every business due to complex hardware maintenance.

custom transportation software

Visit Setmore’s reviews page to read more in-depth opinions, including pros and cons. Visit Calendly’s reviews page to read more in-depth opinions, including pros and cons. Check out our buyers guide to learn more about the tool’s benefits and common features. We have a dedicated team that can offer extensive expertise acquired over two decades of collaborating with prominent logistics platforms such as, the second-largest in Europe, as well as startups like Bussr and BetterTaxi.

Transport management systems (TMS)

In the case of breakdowns, you can see the location and guide the driver to the nearest service center. Besides this, you can send another vehicle to this location to take the freight and deliver it with the least downtime. You can check the truck’s location to ensure whether the driver will be on time at the point of destination.

  • Because we pride ourselves on the customization we provide all of these essential functions of a TMS are structured according to your processes and needs in such a way that the answers to “What do I do next?
  • Pricing isn’t published on Samsara’s website, so you’ll have to call for a quote.
  • A fleet tracking system will send information about available trucks to all your customers, compare rates by connecting to the freight marketplace, and book the most favorable deals automatically.
  • Your people and assets experience a range of risks on the road, which is why you need a robust, powerful fleet management solution that provides all the data you need in an easy-to-use interface.
  • We work with your current processes instead of requiring you to change them.
  • TMS optimizes routing and planning processes, by considering factors such as delivery time windows, load constraints, carrier capacities, and real-time traffic conditions to determine the most optimal routes.

We get to know your needs and change our program from the code level to make sure that your software fits you. We integrate with the systems and programs you currently use and make them do more for your operations. Then we help with onboarding and continued modification so that our system is your system – but better, smoother, more automatic. Identify, validate, then deliver solutions for driving data innovation within your organization — all within time-boxed cycles.

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If you’re not new to the transportation and logistics business, you don’t need an explanation of how many systems can be used by a business for various purposes and how important it is to ensure their integrity and coherence. For example, fuel costs may change a few times per week, while a driver’s salary is relatively more stable and might be reviewed once every six months. For facilitated exchange of transportation documents, tracking shipment progress. No more frustrating and confusing interfaces – the Titanwinds ELD interface is built for simple navigation and controls. Titanwinds is the one software you need to collect and manage everything there is to know about your shipments. All of this information and data could be overwhelming, but not with Titanwinds’ intuitive interface.

Transportation management application development automates various manual tasks and processes, making your transportation operations more efficient. It eliminates paperwork and reduces manual data entry, giving your employees more time for critical and complex tasks. With a TMS, you also gain greater visibility into business-critical data, which means that you’ll be able to make informed decisions and coordinate transportation operations across the supply chain more effectively. Orases has years of experience developing custom transportation software solutions that enhance and assist in managing an organization within the transportation industry, from day-to-day operations to long-term strategies.

Freight tracking

Over the last decade, online retail sales have exploded, and with them the need for effective warehousing, inventory and transportation control. Suppliers, more often than not, are taking a product from manufacturing not to a store, but to a warehouse where it is stored and ultimately sent directly to the consumer. Ensuring an effective inventory control path is absolutely critical throughout this process. TMSCloud creates a virtual dispatch custom transportation software logistics portal, developed to offer more automation, visibility and connectivity so you can have software that works how you’d like it to. A distributed order management module would be the most relevant for companies working with omnichannel logistics structures. Relying on 11 years of experience in designing and implementing supply chain solutions, ScienceSoft’s consultants have defined a range of factors that determine TMS success.

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Best for Large Companies

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She has been featured in Tom’s Guide, L.A. Times,, Reader’s Digest, and Investopedia. In addition to keeping your fleet up to snuff, it’s a good idea to choose software that also helps keep your drivers safe—and compliant with their hours of service (HOS). Getting goods where they need to go on time is important, but it’s also vital that drivers take mandatory rests after driving for long periods. HOS compliance ensures drivers take those breaks to help prevent accidents. Azuga offers an easy way to track fleets, manage work orders and reward drivers for safety and efficiency. So, you can achieve compliance with FMCSA (The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).

Features that will future-proof your TMS

Then, we write project documentation for the cargo tracking system with project system architecture, detailed features descriptions, and user stories. In this way, we ensure that the project meets both your expectations and requirements for modern software. GPS or Global Positioning System tracks the location of your drivers through a GSM SIM based data plan or Wi-Fi. This technology leverages the transmitter inside the mobile or navigation device. Then, transmitters send the driver’s location to several satellites and update the site in the central database. In this article, we’ve shared the three best scheduling tools for your industry.

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