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How Do Wild Symbols Work In Online Slots?

Walking wild symbols are wilds that can “walk” over the reels until they fall off from the edge. They are an exciting variation of the regular wild symbols, and a few slots also provide free respins with walking wilds. Multiplying wilds are those wild symbols that add multipliers to the reels as well. In a way, these symbols serve the purpose of both wild and multiplier symbols. When a winning combination is formed, these symbols will increase the winnings too. The Dead or Alive slot by NetEnt has a sticky wild that also acts as a multiplier.

  • They can fill the entire reel or in some cases, the stacked wilds may be limited to two or three stacked symbols on a particular reel.
  • For instance, in some cases, they will feature for the entire duration of a free-spins session, while they may only stay for a cascading reels feature in other cases.
  • These wild symbols have the chance to set off the exciting bonus features in several online slots.
  • Depending on a slot game, they can cover any or only on selected reels.

Here is what players can appreciate about them, and the disadvantages we could find on them. Recently, slot developers have decided to give the Wild symbol even a greater role in the gameplay, creating such bonus features as Expanding Wilds, Sticky Wilds or Shifting smartsoft gaming balloon Wilds. Each in its own way, these clever special features make Wilds even more valuable than before. A wild symbol is a slot symbol that can fill in for any other symbol in a slot. It can be anything you wish it to be, for you to have a winning Payline.

How Do Wild Symbols Work?

Wild symbols help players try to get more wins, by creating the opportunity to turn what would have been a non-winning spin into a win. So, enjoyment and an element of extra randomness are the main goals here. With that in mind, software providers have tweaked the formula endlessly over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of wild symbols in slot games.

Wild & Scatter Symbols Explained – How they Work

There is no doubt that wild symbols can significantly increase your winnings. This is because by substituting other symbols, these can form wild reels, which help complete the payline and achieve a winning combination. Wild symbols, therefore, can potentially trigger jackpots, free spins, and other bonus features. As with the conventional wild symbols, they usually take just one position on the reels.

The process will then repeat itself over and over again, with the Wild continuing to travel in the same direction. Once that symbol leaves the display, you’ll get one last free spin, after which you will return to normal play. There are so many different kinds that keeping track of all of them can get confusing.

● Expanding Wild Symbols

The most popular types of wilds you will encounter in online slots are regular wilds, multiplier wilds, expanding wilds, sticky wilds, stacked wilds, and moving wilds. Wild symbols pay out based on the highest paying symbols on the winning payline or the entire screen. Wild symbols are among the most sought-after symbols in slot machines since they give slot players the chance to multiply their winnings. Almost all online slots games are equipped with wilds, and many slot players will only consider playing slot titles where wild symbols are included. Wild symbols are an exciting feature and are available in different types, so slot players can choose their preferred slot games based on the wilds that feature.


Stacked wild symbols are symbols that appear on top of each other. These symbols appear to be stacked upon one another and are great for potentially helping form winning combinations. Multiplier wilds function in the same way as regular wilds on online casino slots, but with an important difference. Multiplier symbols also have multiplier values attached which means any win is multiplied by the amount attached to these wild symbols. In Rainbow Riches, the wild symbol is among the highest-paying symbols, paying out a maximum of 25x the wager.

Multiplying Wilds

Although, some in-game features could help you potentially win large sums of money. The Wild West-themed slot Dead or Alive has gained its reputation through its sticky wilds, which remain sticky during the free spins bonus round. The slot is popular with fans of wild symbol variations as it also features multiplier wilds.

Nowadays, it is rare to open a video slot and not spot these luck-enhancing symbols. Wild symbols in slots are used to replace any paying symbol to complete a win. Otherwise, the game’s paytable is where you can find out everything you need to know about the gameplay. Multiplier Wild symbols increase the payout of the combination they’re a part of. Because of their huge effect, this wild symbol variant usually appears as part of different mechanics. Sticky Wilds, and Sticky symbols in general, remain in place after you give the slot another spin. Obviously, this is only possible in online slots, though wild symbol slot machines do exist.

This type of bonus symbol typically appears at random in base games when a bonus feature is triggered. As mentioned above, the design of the wild symbols depends on the specific theme of the slot game. As the slots industry grew, more and more possibilities emerged – chances to improve gameplay, expand the reel set and add more symbols. It wasn’t long before slots developers had the idea to throw in a few special symbols in there that won’t act just like regular icons. A variation of Sticky wilds, Moving Wild Symbols also stick to the reels, through multiple spins. However, Moving Wilds do not stay in the same position and they will bounce on the reels to give you the best winning combination. You can find Moving Wilds in games like Pinnochio and Jack and The Beanstalk.

Shifting wilds are another variation of sticky wilds because they cannot leave the reels during a spin. However, they can change their position by moving horizontally, leading to a higher payout. The basic function of a Wild symbol is to substitute regular symbols when it appears on the reels and help form a winning combination. With this alone, the Wild symbol helps brings in extra cash and contributes to the fun. Wilds usually can’t replace Scatter symbols or any other bonus symbols, if the game has them – strictly regular base game symbols. It is challenging to determine which type of wilds is the best one.

Multiplier Wilds

In slots, the symbol for wild images began life as a way of replacing other symbols to make a winning line, in the same way, that jokers work in certain card games. If you have four identical images of lemons together with a wild on an active payline, this combination would pay out as though there were five lemons on the screen. It’s important to bear in mind that wilds only replace paying symbols, meaning that they can’t be used to replace bonus symbols such as the scatters. As their name implies, these wild icons can stack up on each other. In most online and mobile slots, stacked wilds have the potential to occupy the entire reel from top to bottom.

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