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High Variance vs Low Variance Slots: The Roller Coaster vs. the Merry-Go-Round

In this article, we take a close look at slots with low variance to determine whether they are worth your time and money. The biggest visible difference between high and low variance slots will be the number of paylines, and value of the pay table. If there are 3-15 lines, and the combinations pay better than the per-line bet size, you can expect a high variance.

That’s why it isn’t an overly bad idea to take advantage of the free slot demo versions floating around the net. However, even with a lot of test-spins, we can never be a 100% sure in the results. Modern casino software studios are getting more and more dilligent in the preparations of their RNG programs, with a high volume of random numbers being generated per second. What makes them so special is their capacity to yield medium-sized payouts quite frequently. In other words, you don’t have to wait long for solid cash out – these slots are built for that. The volatility in the game is related to other game elements like paylines and RTP. Theoretical RTP rates are, as you know, indicators for the size of the prize that you can expect to get at the end of your session.

  • This feature can occur during the base game and can create more than one wild reel.
  • It is the frequency and amount of winnings and the risks involved when playing this game.
  • Obviously, due to the low risk present among low-volatility slots, you must expect certain disadvantages.
  • Measuring slot volatility isn’t an exact science and to be frank, casinos try not to disclose such information.

In this category, winnings can be multiplied from x5,000 to x10,000 of the original bet value. At identical RTP, a low-volatility slot will pay small payouts but way more frequently. Because a low volatility slot game may lack bonus features, it will make up the RTP with small, frequent wins. Low Volatility games will award small winning amounts in higher frequency. Although the prize amount will not be substantial, it can still pad your bankroll and allow you to play over a more extended period.

We have gathered a collection of their slot titles that have higher
volatility and offer the potential for top prizes. High variance slots are suitable for players willing to take a bigger risk for the chance of substantial profits. The higher the variance of a game, the more disparity jokers jewels there is between the regular and major payouts. Of course, this means that the odds are also substantially smaller – in fact, high variance slots can be rather dull if you are out of luck. It isn’t unusual to go through a lot of spins without winning what you would’ve hoped.

Difference Between Low and High Volatility Slot Machines

With that in mind, why bother even considering volatility or variance then? With so many slot options available it is essential for us to know what we should expect as we play. Yes, we want to have fun, but we also want to win and knowing the patterns of the game can help you vary your gameplay and adapt your bankroll to suit your needs. Variance – This is when there is a change to what you would normally expect to see, i.e., any patterns in the game.

Characteristics of Low Variance Slots

If you’re looking for an element of both, then you’re probably headed for the medium volatility games. Low-variance slots are best for players who want to play conservatively and don’t mind smaller payouts. These machines usually require lower bets, so they won’t be as expensive to play. However, these types of slot machines also offer less potential for large winnings. High variance slots are great for those who are looking to hit the big jackpot right here and don’t mind risking more money in order to do so. These types of slot machines usually require larger bets, as they have higher payout potentials.

These games payout smaller amounts but do so consistently, keeping your balance intact and gameplay sessions extended. While wins stay modest in the x bet range usually, their reliability provides reassuring entertainment. If you’re willing to take risks and can handle the potential losses, high variance slots can be a thrilling and potentially lucrative option. They’re more suitable for players with ‘Go Big or Go Home’ type of attitude towards gambling. Remember to be cautious and gamble responsibly when firing up a high variance slot! Better set a budget before a playing session so you don’t lose more than you can afford to.

Strategic Bankroll Management

They are there for the joy and entertainment – they do like winning, but it needs to be often – and they are not looking to become rich. Risk, adrenaline, and potentially massive cash losses do not attract them. is not a gambling site or operator and does not provide or offer any gambling software or services. It is the responsibility of consumers to be aware of & comply with any state and national laws that apply to them regarding online poker and online gaming in general. Any information and advice provided by is purely for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not legal advice. Whether you’re a high-flyer or a steady-roller, we’re here to help you get the most out of your slot gaming experience.

Low variance slots take out most of the risk involved with slot games, often due to the multiple payout opportunities such as high-valued symbols or robust bonus modes. The payoff, of course, is that these moments are rare and generally follow a period where much money is wagered with little in the way of wins. Pink Elephants by Thunderkick is a psychedelic take on WMS’ infamous Raging Rhino slot, and it’s one of our favourite high variance slot games of all time. Thunderkick slots are renowned for their kooky and off-the-wall graphic and animations.

However, players may experience many losses before they might get a big win. Slots with multiple paylines and bonus features tend to have higher variance compared to those with fewer paylines and simpler gameplay. Another factor is the game’s volatility, which determines the frequency and size of the payouts.

Should you play low-variance slots?

These are the points which will help us players create a gaming strategy as we spin, but it does require some time and work. Most players will focus on the RTP and that is completely understandable, as it does give you a good general idea of how the reels will play out. When you see the term slot variance this means that the player is aiming to predict both the likelihood of winning and the size of the winning prize.

What Are The Advantages of Playing Low Variance Slots

High-volatility slots tend to have low to medium RTP due to their volatility. Upon winning your set of free games, you spin a second wheel to determine your bet multiplier. Throughout the free-spins mode, you can extend the bonus mode by matching the Shield Scatter symbol. You get the most out of the bet multiplier of Montezuma’s bonus mode when you keep matching the scatter symbol.

Low Variance Slot Games

The problem with emphasising your focus on the RTP is that you may miss variations and specific arrangements. That is why it’s best to focus on any varying configurations as you play. For example, some machines may offer higher payouts for certain symbols or combinations, while others may have progressive jackpots that increase over time. By studying the pay table, you can make informed decisions about which machines to play and which bets to place. Players should carefully consider their risk tolerance and playing style before choosing high variance slots. With low-volatility slots, you can spin more with the limited amount of cash you have on hand. It is always best to play a few spins, mix and match between low to high volatility slots, and try to figure out which one is best for you.

Now seeing the fact of the high risk involved in high variance slots, it’s quite natural to come to a player’s mind whether high variance slots are bad things to go for. After all, high variance online slots games are likely to possess more of their overall payback concentrated within the highest-paying winning spins. Understanding slot volatility is essential for tailoring your gameplay experience to match your preferences and bankroll. In gambling, variance or volatility is an indicator of the frequency and volume in which a slot game is likely to pay out. Microgaming’s Immortal Romance is a high-variance real money slot game with a return-to-player rate of 96.86%.

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